Prime Angle Valve Heavy || 1 PCS


  • Z Fitting Uses
  • Heavy Handles
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • 2 Year Leakage Warranty
  • Warranty Card in the Boxes
  • 100℅ M-Ceal❌ and Areldiet❌ Proof Product👍🏻
  • Please Calculate the Total weight From the Above Photos >> Product Weight ➕ Handle Weight👍🏻
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Introducing our high-quality Angle Valve faucet, a versatile plumbing essential for connecting various fixtures such as Washbasin faucets, Geysers, and Health faucets. Our product specifications ensure top-notch performance and durability:

✅ Universal Z Fitting: Compatible with all your plumbing needs, our Angle Valve can be used with a wide range of products.

✅ Premium Brass Construction: Each Angle Valve is crafted from high-grade brass, ensuring long-lasting reliability and resistance to corrosion.

✅ Advanced 3 Layer Chroom Technology: Our faucet is coated with a cutting-edge 3-layer chrome finish, adding a sleek aesthetic to your bathroom while providing extra protection against wear and tear.

✅ 7-Year Warranty: Rest easy with our 7-year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product’s quality. A warranty card is included with each purchase.

✅ No Compromise on Quality: We pride ourselves on providing products that do not contain harmful substances like M-Ceal and Areldiet, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Upgrade your bathroom fittings with our Angle Valve faucet – a reliable, stylish, and safe choice for your plumbing needs. Shop now and enjoy the best in functionality and design.


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